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The good ship momentum lasted a whopping two days for the Bombers. On Sunday afternoon, they were back to their old ways, finding new and exciting ways to cough up games. Robbie Cano's error let the Jays back in it, then the pen gave up the rest.

Of course, the Yanks had a shot in the 9th. More than a shot, actually, they had it on a silver platter. BJ Ryan couldn't find the zone, and when he did the Yanks tattooed the ball. Another foot on Jeter's ball down the right field line and the game is tied. Another inch on A-Rod's double play and it's a tie game. Unfortunately, today was not the Yanks' day, and this is not the Yanks' season.

For a split second there, I was really wishing it was anyone else in the lineup at the dish when A-Rod came up with runners on first and second and no one out in the bottom of the ninth. Not because A-Rod has been the polar opposite of clutch lately, but because it was such an obvious bunt situation. Anyone but A-Rod at the dish, and a sac bunt moves the tying run to third, winning run to second with one out. I'm not saying Girardi should've bunted A-Rod there. I'm not even saying A-Rod choked. He hit the piss out of that ball, you can't do anything more than that when you're at the plate. I'm just saying it was bad timing on top of bad luck.

It looks like the Rojo are going to top the Blanco again tonight. So if you're still holding out hope, it's now 7 games back with 28 to go.

Player of The Game: I-Rod, I guess. 2 hits, 1 bomb.
Team Record: 72-63 (there goes the 100-win season)
Damon: Nada
by Brian on Aug 30 2008
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