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I've said it before, so one more time won't hurt anyone: The Yankees are treading water.

Earlier in the season, they were treading water waiting for the young pitchers to come around. Now, they're treading water waiting for guys to get healthy, Alex Rodriguez foremost among them. If all goes well with his MRI, A-Rod will probably be back in the lineup a week from today. The Yanks need to keep their heads above water for another 7 games then they should get their potent lineup back.

Let's take a look at the pitching matchups for those 7 games, all on the road:

5/9 - Kei Igawa vs. Kenny Rogers
5/10 - Darrell Rasner vs. Jeremy Bonderman
5/11 - Andy Pettitte vs. Nate Robertson
5/12 - Chien-Ming Wang vs. Matt Garza
5/13 - Mike Mussina vs. Edwin Jackson
5/14 - Kei Igawa vs. James Shields
5/15 - Darrell Rasner vs. Scott Kazmir

On paper, the Yanks have a pretty clear pitching advantage in 3 of the games. The goal has to be to finish this stretch at 4-3 or better.

I'll admit it, watching the Yankee lineup with Ensberg or Betemit in it has been painful at times. On some nights, it looks like a National League lineup they're trotting out there. It's only a week. Only 7 games. Just stay at or above .500 until A-Rod gets back and then things will start looking a lot better for Yankee fans, and a lot worse for opposing pitchers.

7:05 tonight we get to see Kei Igawa for the first time this season... lucky us.
by Brian on May 9 2008
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