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No criticisms tonight. Brandon Morrow was beyond excellent and the Yanks were lucky they weren't no hit in the opener of the series. If I was 7.2 innings into a no-hitter and I gave up the only hit of the night to a guy like Betemit I wouldn't be able to sleep for a week. Tough break for the kid, but I have a feeling he's going to have plenty of nights like this in his career.

Pettitte wasn't pitiful and he gave the Yanks 7 strong innings after a shaky start. That kind of length would've meant something about a month ago.

At this point, even the most optimistic Yankee fan has to admit this season is over, right? 8.5 games out with 21 remaining. Just in case anyone is still clinging to hope, look at it this way, if the Yanks go on a miracle run and finish 18-3, the Sox could play .500 ball, finish 11-11 and still beat the Yanks. It. Is. Over. The only question left to be answered for the team as a whole is whether they'll finish 3rd or 4th. The Jays are only a half game behind and playing some decent baseball.

Tomorrow, Sid the Kid will take the hill against some guy with a hyphenated last name. Feminists rock.

Player of The Game: Betemit
Team Record: 75-66
Damon: Zilch
by Brian on Sep 6 2008
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