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Well, the Yanks and Mets are playing one of those ridiculous cross-bridge day/night double headers today. I'm stuck at work, listening to Sterling and Suzyn. I'm not going to do a live blog, but I will update this post throughout the game.

For some idea of how seriously the Yanks take the subway series these days, take a look at the two starters they're trotting out there for today's games. Dan Giese and Sid "The Kid" Ponson. Awesome.

By the way, if you think the Yanks won't take a flier on the recently cut Shawn Chacon, you're mistaken. Given the opportunity, they will sign him.

More as the game progresses. Leave your thoughts and/or Sterlingisms in the comments.

  • It's 1-1 after 1. Wright had an RBI single for the Muts and the Giambo had a clutch, two-out RBI single for the Yanks to tie it up in the bottom of the inning.
  • 2-run bomb for Beltran. 3-1 lesser NY team. Sterling was completely fooled on his call.
  • A-Rod knocks in Jeter with a hard single. 3-2, Flushers.
  • Cano knocks in a run with a bases-loaded FC. 3-3. Betemit knocks in Giambo with an infield single. 4-3, Highlanders. Fernando Tatis is in the Mets starting lineup. That Omar Minaya is crafty.
  • Beltran knocks in a run on a FC by Beltran. Delgado plates two more with a double. 6-4, Orange and Baby Blue.
  • This one got ugly quickly while I was on a conference call. 11-5, Mess. At least A-Rod hit a bomb. Anyone hear if Sterling added the "Alexander the Great strikes again," at the end of his HR call?
  • Make that 15-5, Willie's Warriors
  • Damon scratches out a gritty RBI single to make 15-6, final.
Player of The Game: A-Rod
Team Record: 42-37
Damon: Nada (as far as I know)
by Brian on Jun 27 2008
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