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We've come to the point of the season where we can break it down into easy-to-digest slices. This is what the season comes down to at this point:

  • 10-game road trip
  • 3-game home stand
  • 6-game road trip
  • 6-game home stand
  • 10-game road trip
  • 10-game home stand
  • 6-game road trip
That's it. That's all that's left of this season. All told, 32 on the road, 19 at home. Not exactly the type of split you'd want to see. Of those 51 games, 25 are against teams who have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs. A little less than half. They have 6 left against the Rays, so the 5.5 game deficit is still something they can take care of on their own. They have 6 left with the Sox as well.

But we've gotten ahead of ourselves a bit. The point of this post is to take a look at that first slice. The 10-game road trip the Yanks will start later tonight in Texas. Worst-case, the Yanks have to finish this road trip 5-5. Absolute worst-case. I'd like to see something like 7-3, if at all possible, but no worse than .500.

After the jump we'll take a look at the upcoming road trip, game-by-game.

Here are the pitching match-ups for the 10 games, and where I see the advantage:
  • 8/4 - Joba vs. Padilla (advantage Yanks)
  • 8/5 - Pettitte vs. Harrison (advantage Yanks)
  • 8/6 - Ponson vs. Hunter (advantage Yanks? Ponson has the hate factor on his side)
  • 8/7 - Mussina vs. Feldman (advantage Yanks)
  • 8/8 - Rasner vs. Weaver (advantage Angels)
  • 8/9 - Joba vs. Lackey (easily the best match-up, I'm calling it a wash)
  • 8/10 - Pettitte vs. Saunders (advantage Angels, considering Pettitte's last start)
  • 8/11 - Ponson vs. Baker (advantage Twins)
  • 8/12 - Mussina vs Blackburn (advantage Yanks)
  • 8/13 - Rasner vs. Slowey (advantage Twins)
Out of the 10 games, I'd say the Yanks have a clear pitching advantage in four games, two are up in the air, and they have a disadvantage in four games. Obviously, a lot can change in the next 10 days, and every single one of these games will be played on the road, possibly without Mo at the back end of the pen. Is 7-3 reaching? Should we be hoping for 5-5?

Probably, but that's not good enough. The Yanks have put themselves in a position where they can't afford to play .500 ball for 20% of their remaining games, especially when Boston plays 6 of their 10 games against the Royals and Rangers and the Rays get to beat up on Cleveland, Seattle and Oakland.

The Yanks may just have to go 7-3 on this trip to keep pace with the two teams ahead of them in the East.

In other news, the stache is dead, long live the stache.
by Brian on Aug 4 2008