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I think the headline sums up my thoughts after this game. Garland is far from dominant, this was probably the one game in the four game set which you had to say the Yanks had the pitching advantage, maybe Moose over Weaver as well, but it was all for naught when Pettitte came out with nothing.

9 earned runs in 5.1 innings of work for Andy tonight. Unacceptable in this situation. At least they managed to get through the game while only burning Chris Britton. I have a feeling the pen is going to see quite a bit of work in this series.

At the bat, Abreu stayed hot, Nady hit another bomb. Melky tripled with two outs when the game was sort of in reach, but he should've never gone for third on the play. Stupid base running.

Fudge was 1 for 3 in his Yankee debut, and he should've scored a run, but a call was blown badly at the plate. On defense, the Angels stole three bases, but none were Pudge's fault. Let's dispel a common misnomer here: Andy Pettitte is not good at holding runners on. He is good a picking them off, but if he doesn't pick them off, he's extremely easy to steal off. He's slow to home plate, and if the runner just goes on first movement, which they almost always do, the catcher has no shot.

This game leaves me down, very down. Sid the kid will take the hill tomorrow night and not even the smallest sliver of my being thinks that's going to end well.

The Yanks lose a half game on the field, both Tampa and Boston were off.

Player of The Game: Melky, 3/4 with the aforementioned triple.
Team Record: 59-49
Damon: Nada
by Brian on Jul 31 2008
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