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This Yankee season has been marred by injuries, inconsistent play, questionable managerial decisions, horrendous starting pitching and honestly, it hasn't exactly been a pleasure to watch.

Every time you start to feel good about the Yanks, and where they are, they lay an egg. Like tonight's 7-1 loss to the Rays. Tampa made the Yanks look old and slow, and you know what, that's exactly what they are. Matt Garza made the batters look weak, of course when you trot Giambi, Molina and Alberto Gonzalez out there, you are pretty weak (Although Gonzalez is far and away their best option at third right now, Joe finally got that right). They ran at will, they put the pressure on the Yanks from the first inning to the ninth, and they generally played like a second-place team, while the Yanks played like a middling, aged club. Which they just may be.

Every other game I come away with this feeling of angst. Then the Yanks show up and pull themselves back to .500. Every other day I tell myself they're treading water, waiting for A-Rod to get back. Then I see a team bunt a one-hopper to Giambi at first and I see him not even look at second base because he's afraid to make the throw. Every other day I see Robinson Cano hit absolute bullets right at people. Of course, I also see Andy Pettitte throwing 85 MPH fastballs and I wonder how many big wins we can count on him for.

Today was a down day, actually, a bad day. Tomorrow, it'll be the Wanger looking to knock off the first-place Tampa Bay Rays and pull the Yanks back to .500. Would I bet on it? Nope.

Off the field, there's good news (Ian Kennedy will start on Thursday, meaning Kei Igawa's days in the Bronx should be over for the time being) and obviously bad news as well (A-Rod's MRI was bad, meaning he will not be back this week.)

Player of The Game: Johnny Damon, purely because his buzzsaw batting style is the only thing that kept me watching the game after the 4th inning.
Team Record: 19-20
Damon's Broken Bats: 1 confirmed, but I could've sworn he broke another.