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All ye Joba-to-the-rotation opponents, let tonight's loss serve as exhibit A for your argument.

Joey Jr. left Andy Pettitte in for the 7th even though he didn't have his best stuff, and I agree with that move. The pen is probably going to be heavily taxed over the next two days with Joba starting tomorrow, and the Moose the next day. Pettitte came out, gave up the tying run, and Girardi got his 8th inning guy, Farnsworth up in the pen.

Here's how the 8th inning went for Farnsworth:

Cuddyer - Double
Punto - Sacrifice bunt
Delmon Young - Double, then thrown out stealing third
Harris - Single
Lamb - Walk
Gomez - Strike out, swinging.

Farsworth only earned one out in the inning.

It's going to be a point of contention the rest of the way when the Yanks lose a lead late in the game. Should they have moved Joba to the rotation? Should Farnsworth have just been handed the 8th inning job? Do the Yanks have another viable option to take on the role? Should the Yanks look to make a move for an 8th inning guy?

I don't have answers to any of these questions, and I don't think the Yanks will face the question themselves unless Farnsworth keeps spitting the bit, but the questions are out there.

I'll have more on the Joba situation later tonight.

Player of The Game: A-Rod
Team Record: 28-29
Damon's Broken Bats: Dos (by the way, Robinson Cano has been going bat for bat with Damon for the past couple of weeks)