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goose.jpgFollowing up on their front page story about A-Rod passing out during the delivery of his first daughter, ESPN has another piece of ground-breaking journalism today. Apparently, back when Goose Gossage was pitching, you know back when he had to walk 10 miles through the snow in both directions with nothing but old newspaper tied to his feet just to get to the stadium, the veterans on the team would've never allowed a rookie to behave like Joba has on the mound.

The incident which brought on the comments was Joba's demonstrative fist pump into a pirouette when he struck out David Dellucci last week. The Goose said the veterans on the team would've sat him down, and went on to say that there's no place for it in the game and it's just not the Yankee way.

Fine, he's from a different era. Personally, I'm not crazy about celebrations of any kind, but if I were the Goose maybe I would've said something directly to Joba, you know rather than going to the press with it. At least that's how they would've handled it back in the day, you know, keep things internal. I mean, isn't that supposed to be the Yankee way? I guess the Hall of Fame goes to some guys' heads.
by Brian on May 13 2008
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