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, all the time

  1. Damon (CF)
  2. Jeter (SS)
  3. Abreu (RF)
  4. A-Rod (3B)
  5. Giambi (1B)
  6. Nady (LF)
  7. Matsui (DH)
  8. Cano (2B)
  9. I-Rod/Molina (C)
That's it. If the Yanks field that lineup 4 out of 5 days the rest of the season, they have a shot. If Girardi decides to get cute and we wind up seeing him find ways to get Gardner and/or Betemit into the lineup more often than that, there will be problems.

This is the most potent lineup the Yanks have had all season long. That lineup can and will batter opposing pitchers, work over starters and get into bullpens early. If Girardi lets them, they will make up for our 2.5-man rotation. The only question is how Joey Jr. will find a way to mess with it.

My best guess is we'll see Damon play 2 out of 3 games in Toronto, Matsui as well. Girardi will use the turf as an excuse for resting both guys. He may even get Betemit a day at first base to rest Giambi. My response to that is, if the Yanks don't take every game seriously they'll have plenty of time to rest in October. Every series is all-or-nothing at this point.
by Brian on Aug 19 2008
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