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Two Three Yankee rumors of note today, one you could probably predict, one makes sense and the other is completely off the wall. All three found via MLB Trade Rumors.

  • The Yanks are taking a hard look at available catchers. Here are four names that have come up, in order of my preference:
    • Miguel Olivo - .995 OPS vs. lefties
    • Gerald Laird - I don't really like anything about him, I just hate this option less than the last two
    • Rod Barajas - A better hitter than Jose Molina, but how much better?
    • Paul LoDuca - No thanks.
  • Robinson Cano for Matt Kemp and Derek Lowe. That one came from the Post, so judge for yourself the veracity of the offer. I like Kemp, I like him a lot. Good power/speed combo, hits for a high average, he's young. My main problem with this deal is that I don't think it really improves the team to the point where winning this year is a foregone conclusion. To trade Cano, I think the deal has to either meet that standard or if the Yanks are selling, they need at least two young studs in return. Kemp fits the bill, Lowe does not. This deal does have some appeal, Kemp is a solid piece to add to the outfield, and a right-handed bat with pop who murders left-handed pitching (.362 average, 1.000 OPS), I just think Cano is a gold-glove caliber second baseman and has the ability to win an MVP and bat 3rd in this lineup for the next decade. If they made the deal, Alberto Gonzalez would replace Gardner/Christian in the lineup, Kemp would replace Cano. Does that make this offense more potent?
  • Finally, if the Yanks pull the trigger, the Kei Igawa era in NYC will come to an end. According to Peter Abraham, the Mariners are willing to take Kei Igawa and a B-level prospect for Jarrod Washburn and Jose Vidro. It's a straight salary dump for the M's, and it would really only cost the Yanks money at this point. They'd have Washburn for this year and next, but he'd have to waive his no-trade clause. Washburn's numbers are inflated due to a horrible month of May. In June and July he's posted an ERA of 3.03 with a WHIP of 1.29.
by Brian on Jul 24 2008
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