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According to Peter Abraham from The Yankees LoHud Blog, Roger Clemens has been scratched from his start tonight. Taking his place...

keiigawa0925.jpgThat's right, Yankee fans. Kei Igawa will take the mound tonight, presumably sans sunglasses. This move should go a long way toward figuring out whether Joe is more concerned with winning the East or setting his team up for the playoff run.

It'll take a minor miracle for the Yanks to come away with a win tonight in Tampa. I'll still be watching, but I'll probably cover my eyes after the first belt-high, 89 MPH fastball leaves the yard for Carlos Pena.

Schilling is on the bump for the Sox against Chad Gaudin in Boston. Schilling nearly no-hit the A's in his last start against them, but that was a couple months and about 5 MPH on his fastball ago. A Yankee loss coupled with a Sox win will effectively end the race for the title in the East.

Check out a picture of Igawa dressed as a flying monkey over at River Ave. Blues.

UPDATE: Since I'm going to be watching, and suffering through this game anyway, I decided to do a live blog with a graphical twist. If you're watching, check back here at 7:05-ish.

by Brian on Sep 25 2007
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