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On a night wrought with bad juju, I thought I'd head to bed on a positive note. When all hope seems lost, there is one thing we, as Yankee fans, can take solace in. Xavier Nady isn't bound by the same curse the rest of the Yanks are. He doesn't realize late-inning comebacks are supposed to fall short. He hasn't lived through this star crossed decade in Yankee history. His gag-reflex doesn't yet kick in when the money is on the line.

I'll go to bed tonight and hope that when the game-winning run is on base late in the game tomorrow night, it's the X-man who steps to the plate. He'll probably get a hit, he doesn't know better yet. If I were Joe Girardi I'd segregate the new guys in the locker room, who knows if the virus that infects the rest of this team is contagious. Is football season almost here?
by Brian on Aug 5 2008
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