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When you rely on young starters. They're going to take their lumps. They're going to tax your pen sometimes. They're going to look like rookies. Hopefully this will be the exception, rather than the rule going forward for Phil Hughes, because his start today was completely unacceptable.

It was made worse by an error and an absolutely horrible call that would've ended the third inning with no harm done, but there you have it. The kid didn't have it and the offense couldn't bail him out against Brian Bannister or the young guns in the Royals pen.

At the plate, A-Rod is struggling mightily. I'm pretty much counting the hours until the papers start to tear him to shreds for his mammoth contract and slow start. It's coming, be ready for it. I sure hope he is.

To me, it sure looks like Jorge Posada's shoulder is still bothering him. Joey Gaithright looked like Rickey Henderson in 1981 out there today. Manager Tray Hillman seems willing to run with everyone on his roster, at every opportunity. I'm happy for the fans in Kansas City, and their ownership. They went out and spent some money this offseason and it looks like they've got a nice young core in Alex Gordon, Mark Teahan, Billy Butler, the makings of a solid pen anchored by Joakim Soria, and a decent from of their rotation in Gil Meche, Brian Bannister and Zach Grienke. They also have a 5 game lead over the Tigers, which makes me smile.

Ken Singleton and David Cone mentioned Damon's propensity to break bats. I wonder if they've been reading.

Player of The Game: Ross Ohlendorf (3 much-needed innings of somewhat effective relief work)
Team Record: 4-4
Damon's Broken Bats: 0 today (7 in 8 games) I'm thinking about turning this into a hits/broken bats ratio. Right now it would be 6/7 or 0.86.
by Brian on Apr 8 2008
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