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stopwatch-animated.gifHammerin' Hank's expiration date has officially passed on the Hughes, Melky and a warm body offer for Johan Santana. The deal should be dead in the water right now and the Yanks should be talking to the Orioles about Bedard. There are way too many shoulds in that sentence for my comfort.

Peter Abraham sees it like this:
If the trade was Cabrera, Hughes and Alberto Gonzalez, the Yankees win. It’s that simple. If it’s Cabrera, Hughes and Kennedy, the Twins win.
I don't see Hughes, Melky and Gonzalez as a win. Hank opened his mouth, now it's time to stand by his statement. Take Hughes off the table, go back to the offer with Kennedy and tell Minnesota that's your final offer, you know where to find me if you want to make the deal. We're moving on.

Expect the rumors to heat up as the week wears on. I'll have another post to track the action up a little later tonight.