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I don't know about you, but I sure thought they were going to pull this one out. Tying run at second, one out with the hottest hitter on the planet at the plate in the bottom of the ninth. It should've been, but was not.

Damaso Marte is officially a Yankee now, having been booed at the Stadium. The lefty came in to hold the game at 2-1 in the top of the seventh. When he left the game, the deficit was 5. Mo came in for an inning of work and gave up the fateful 7th run on a solo bomb to Aubrey Huff.

A disappointing loss, to say the least. The Sox were nearly no-hit by John Lackey, so the Yanks remain 2 games behind Boston. Up in Canada the Rays shut out Roy Halladay and the Blue Jays, so their lead over the Yanks grew to 4 games.

One thing to note, Bobby Meacham was apparently talked to about his reckless windmill as the third base coach. Unfortunately, he's gone in completely the opposite direction now. Over the past three games, he's held three runners who would've easily scored. Tonight, A-Rod was alert and ran through Meacham's stop sign to score the third run of the game. The Yanks need to address this problem. Meacham obviously has no feel for coaching third, which is fine. Some guys just can't do it. It's time to recognize that fact and get someone out there who can. I hear Willie Randolph isn't doing anything these days.

It's an afternoon delight tomorrow, with Joba taking the hill to avoid the sweep and end this 3-game slide against Dennis Sarfate, who I believe is making his first start of the season.

Player of The Game: Abreu
Team Record: 58-48
Damon: Uno