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Back in the day, when the Yanks had three future aces in their system and the only question was when would they be at the front of the rotation, we all devoured any and all news about Ian Kennedy, Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain. Well, a year sure can change things.

Here's the latest on the big three.

  • Joba will be activated from the DL. He's going to spend the rest of this season in the pen, and while the plan is to return him to the rotation next season, they may re-evaluate that decision in the offseason. Yikes.
  • Phil Hughes most likely won't be called up by the Yanks. The plan is to have him to continue to pitch in Scranton, then work out in Florida and report to the Arizona Fall League to build up his innings. I like sending him to Arizona, but I'm not really sure why they don't call him up to let him get some innings against guys who can hit. Just a thought.
  • Ian Kennedy is mostly an afterthought at this point. Peter Abraham says there's an outside chance he could get the call some time in September.
The fact that the Yanks are more than willing to trot Sidney Ponson out there every fifth day rather than give Hughes and/or Kennedy another shot is not encouraging.
by Brian on Sep 2 2008
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