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ron-villone.jpegSome minor news to tide you over for the final 2 hours until first pitch.

Peter Abraham is reporting that the handsome fella pictured to the right, Ron Villone, will be added to the roster for tonight's game. He will take Clemens spot on the roster. This means Clemens will not be available for the ALCS, should the Yanks make it past Cleveland. Again, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Jason Giambi will not be in the lineup tonight. Joe is opting to use Doug at first. I think this is a wise decision, especially with Wang on the hill. If he's on, there are going to be a ton of grounders, putting infield defense at a premium. Byrd is also the type of guy Doug can hit (6 for 19 in his career). I thought Joe would go with the Giambino, but no such luck.

I'll be live blogging, so check back a few minutes before first pitch for the lineups and some last-minute notes.
by Brian on Oct 8 2007
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