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When the Yanks signed Jorge Posada to a four-year deal this offseason I bet they didn't think they'd be in this predicament already. Posada's "weak" shoulder will keep him out of the tools of ignorance for an undetermined amount of time, Jose Molina will probably have to head to the DL as well. Buster Olney (hat tip to MLBTR) breaks down some trade options. Unfortunately, the pickings are pretty slim, as you'd expect.

I do kind of like the idea of reuniting the two eldest flying Molina brothers in the Bronx, but I can't help but think the Yanks are going to have to make due with Chad Moeller for the time being. It doesn't make sense to give up any kind of trading chip for a short-term replacement. If the Yankees know something we don't about Jorge's shoulder, however, then a long term replacement might be needed. When Molina is ready to play again, they can't send Moeller down without having a legitimate backup catcher on the roster. If Jorge can't throw, he is not a legitimate backup.

In fact, if Jorge's shoulder injury is going to linger the Yanks are going to have serious roster problems. If it were up to me, Jorge would be playing first base until his arm is well enough to take his rightful place behind the dish. It seems to me like Giambi should be the odd man out, only DHing when there's an overwhelming statistical reason to start him over Matsui.
by Brian on Apr 15 2008
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