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Jobamania has an early tee time today. I'm stuck at work listening to the nails-on-a-chalkboard tones from Suzyn and the self-important exaggerated calls from Harold Moskowitz. Gather round, Yankee fans. We've got a live blog.

Lineup facing Josh Banks

  1. Damon (LF)
  2. Jeter (SS)
  3. Abreu (RF)
  4. A-Rod (3B)
  5. Giambino (1B)
  6. Posada (DH)
  7. Cano (2B)
  8. Melky (CF)
  9. Molina (C)
No pitch count for Joba. My guess for Sterling's first HR call is.... "El Come Dulce!"

Live blog after the jump at first pitch.

Matsui had fluid drained from his ailing knee, so another day off for him. If anyone is watching, please leave a comment if Johnny Damon breaks a bat and Sterling misses it on the radio broadcast.

Top First
  • Jody Gerut K's, dropped by Molina just so he can show off the cannon throwing Gerut out at first.
  • Edgar Gonzalez goes down looking. Suzyn is amused.
  • Brian Giles grounds out to third. Easy inning for Joba, 13 pitches.
Bottom First
  • Damon rips a single to right. He should be running here.
  • Damon on the move, Jeter hits a dribbling infield single. First and second, no one out.
  • Abreu flies out to deep center. Both runners move up.
  • Do you pitch to A-Rod here, men on 2nd and 3rd, 1 out, Giambo on deck?
  • They do pitch to A-Rod, and he K's swinging on a high fastball.
  • The Giambo Ks as well. Wasted opportunity.
Top Second
  • Adrian Gonzalez singles to right.
  • Chase Headley hits a ground rule double to left
  • Tony Clark walks. Bases juiced, no one out. Gulp.
  • Scott Hairston Ks.
  • Gonzalez tries to score on a passed ball, but Molina gets the ball to Joba and they nail him at the plate. Wow, big play there. Second and third, two outs now.
  • Khalil Greene Ks on a 3-2 slider. Houdini complete!
Bottom Second
  • Posada grounds out to second.
  • Cano grounds out to first.
  • Melky up there hoping to clear the Molina.
  • No such luck, Melky grounds out to second.
Top Third
  • Michael Barrett grounds out to third.
  • Gerut Ks on a slider. 5 Ks so far.
  • Edgard Gonzalez flies out to center. Quick inning there.
Bottom Third
  • Molina Ks, but he did work the count a little, so that's a moral victory.
  • Damon grounds out to second
  • Jeter taps one back to the pitcher. One, two three...
Top Fourth
  • Giles singles down the first base line.
  • Adrian Gonzalez walks. First and second, no one out.
  • Headley Ks on a 98 MPH fastball.
  • Clark hits a ground rule double to left, scoring Giles. (1-0, Padres). Second and third, one out.
  • Hairston grounds out to third, A-Rod guns Gonzalez down at the plate. Is Bobby Meacham coaching third for the Padres now? First and second, two out.
  • Greene flies out to deep right.
  • One run, two hits, two left.
Bottom Fourth
  • Abreu lines out to left.
  • A-Rod flies out to shallow right.
  • Giambi gets beaned, ending a streak of 11 straight retired by Banks.
  • Posada grounds out to first.
Top Fifth
  • Barrett pops out to first.
  • Gerut walks.
  • Edgar Gonzalez Ks on a high fastball (7 Ks)
  • Giles grounds out hard to Jeter, he makes the play at second.
Bottom Fifth
  • Cano flies out to deep center.
  • Melky works a walk.
  • I'd probably bunt Molina here for no other reason than to avoid the double play.
  • The Melk Man steals second, easily.
  • The Melk Man steals third. Come on Molina, we don't even need a hit to tie this game up.
  • Molina belts a sac fly to deep center, the Melk Man trots home with the tying run. (1-1)
  • Suzyn, "Molina is as good as anyone in the clutch." This is obviously demonstrated by his 9 RBI in 133 at bats. Wait, she's not done yet, "Doesn't it seem like Molina just does this all the time?" John concurs.
  • Damon is robbed on a diving catch by Gerut.
Top Sixth
  • Probably Joba's last inning here, depending. He just threw his 89th pitch at 96 MPH.
  • Adrian Gonzalez Ks swinging. (8 Ks)
  • Headley foul tipped, no he struck out, wait he.....yes, he struck out (Sterling seems confused).
  • That's 9 Ks for Joba and after striking out the first two batters of the inning Joe is yanking him. I don't like this move at all. He's going strong, let him finish the inning.
  • Veras is in to face Tony Clark.
  • Clark flies out to center.
Bottom Sixth
  • Jeter singles to left.
  • Jeter steals second. Man, the Yanks are taking advantage of the Pads' weak-armed catchers (and slow-to-the-plate pitchers) in this series.
  • Abreu grounds out to first, moves Jeter to third with one out. Good job by Abreu there.
  • Infield in for A-Rod.
  • A-Rod delivers an RBI single to plate Jeter and give the Yanks the lead. (2-1, Yanks) That's all she wrote for Banks.
  • Justin Hampton in to face the Giambino.
  • A-Rod steals second. Fantasy Baseball Tip: Pick up anyone with any speed when they play the Padres.
  • Giambi Ks. Two down.
  • Posada is intentionally walked. First and second, two out.
  • Cano flies out to end the inning.
Top Seventh
  • Hairston walks to lead off the inning (lead-off walks score 60% of the time)
  • Greene flies out to center.
  • Barrett Ks swinging.
  • Gerut walks. First and second, two out.
  • Edgar Gonzalez flies out to center. No harm, no foul.
Bottom Seventh
  • Melky flies out to right center.
  • Molina doubles.
  • Damon is robbed by Giles on a diving catch.
  • Corey relieves Hampton.
  • Jeter walks.
  • Abreu pops out, stranding two.
Top Eighth
  • Farnsworth is in, facing 3,4,5 in the lineup. Not an ideal situation.
  • Giles flies out to center.
  • Adrian Gonzalez singles to left.
  • Headley strikes out.
  • Clark strikes out.
  • Farnsworth escapes unscathed.
Bottom Eighth
  • A-Rod grounds out to third.
  • Giambo whiffs.
  • Posada flies out to left.
Enter Sandman...

Top Ninth
  • Hairston Ks looking.
  • Greene Ks swinging.
  • Barrett Ks swinging.
Yankees win. Thaa Yankees win! (Sterling mailed that one in.)

7 in a row, 40-33 and 5 games out now.

Player of The Game: Joba
Team Record: 40-33
Damon: Nada

by Brian on Jun 19 2008
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