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Honestly, who thought the Yanks would win this game? Seriously. The Yanks were facing a pitcher who absolutely owns them, they had a circus act as their starting pitcher, a lineup who knew they only had to face him for a limited number of pitches and then the underbelly of the Yankee bullpen for the rest of the game.

Dan Geise did a representative job in a tough situation. More than could be expected. The biggest casualty from this game is Edwar Ramirez. He didn't record an out, walked three, gave up a hit and was responsible for four runs. The Yanks need to be very careful with Edwar at this point. He's a fragile guy, who walks a fine line between dominance and the Independent League. His confidence is shot at this point, so Girardi needs to wait for the right, low-pressure situation to use him again. Maybe sending him down on Thursday when Posada comes back wouldn't be a bad idea. Let him compose himself in Scranton for 10 days with the knowledge that he will be back. Short of that, please don't bring him into a situation where the odds of failure are high next time out.

The comedic highlight of the game was the round of applause for Robinson Cano when he finally took a pitch in his third at bat. Michael Kay jumped the gun a bit in saying the Yanks had to be questioning the extension they gave Cano this offseason. He's a second-half player, always has been. If he's hitting under .250 by the end of the month I'll be shocked.

Player of The Game: Damon, single, triple, double, but no dong.
Team Record: 28-30
Damon's Broken Bats: Nada
by Brian on Jun 3 2008
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