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Cliff Lee, the same pitcher who posted a 6.29 ERA and was demoted to AAA in 2007, is absolutely untouchable this year. The Wanger didn't pitch particularly poorly, he went 7 innings allowing only 5 hits, 3 walks and 3 earned, but it wasn't nearly enough.

Lee baffled the Yankee lineup throughout the night, and he extinguished the futile "rallies" the Yanks were able to put together. Lee must hide the ball really well, because he wasn't overpowering and his breaking stuff wasn't that impressive either. He did have pinpoint control, though. I can only remember one three-ball count the entire night.

Tonight was the 14th game in which the Yankee pitchers allowed less than four runs, they had won the previous 13. In effect, this was the first good pitching effort the offense has wasted, but I don't think you can really blame them, Lee has been untouchable all year long.

One final thought: If I never have to see Betancourt pitch again it will be too soon. That OCD freak makes me want to stab myself with all his fidgeting on the mound.

Tomorrow is an afternoon delight featuring the Moose against Paul Byrd. I'll be listening at work, and I'll probably have a game thread up so if you're watching/listening stop by.

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Player of The Game: Jose Molina, possibly the first defensive player of the game. This would've been a blowout if not for his arm and feet. Two runners gunned down and a beautiful 2-2-3 double play. You don't see many of those.
Team Record: 17-18
Damon's Broken Bats: Not a one.


by Brian on May 7 2008
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