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Well, at least the game was decided early, saving us from another late-inning disaster. Now that the season is dead, it's time to compile a list of reasons to watch the final 35 games. We'll go player by player...

  • Damon - Easy, more kindling.
  • Jeter - .300 batting average
  • Abreu - Pad his numbers in meaningless games so we can overpay to keep him around for 3 more years. (Or get a 1st round pick when someone else signs him)
  • A-Rod - Lead the league in VORP and WARP and not finish in top 10 for MVP.
  • Giambi - Figure out if he's going for the porn star or state trooper look.
  • Nady - Hopefully see him make the Abreu decision easy.
  • Matsui - Another artist's rendition of a loved one at a press conference.
  • Cano - Can he keep his OBP above .300?
  • Pudge - Hopefully move from a Type B to a Type A.
  • Molina - See if he becomes every pitcher's personal catcher.
  • Gardner - See if Girardi institutes the "Willie Mays Hays" approach to pop ups.
  • Betemit - Feel strongly enough about him to either boo or cheer.
  • Moose - 20 wins, obviously.
  • Pettitte - Root for Mo to save 5 more wins for him. (They're going for the record)
  • Ponson - See if he'll get cut from another team who's desperate for starting pitching.
  • Joba - Come back, finish strong, and show no signs of shoulder problems.
  • Hughes - Get healthy, finish strong. Wherever he finishes.
  • Pavano - Final trip to the DL as a Yankee with a scorching case of gonorrhea. Signs 5-year deal with Boston in the offseason.
  • Rasner - Finally assumes his rightful spot on the staff as the mop-up guy.
  • Britton - See if he can set the record for frequent flier miles from NY to Scranton.
  • Kennedy - See if he actually starts to care that he sucks.
  • Traber - Prove that no lefty is better than a bad lefty to management.
  • Marte - See if Girardi can figure out that he's a situational guy, not a two-inning guy.
  • Edwar - Watching guys swing and miss at the change. That never gets old.
  • Veras - Use the final 5 weeks to cement his role as the 8th inning guy for 2009.
  • Mo - Enter a tie game, exit with the game still a tie.
  • Meacham - See if he can somehow learn to ignore his horrible instincts.
  • Girardi - Hope that these are the final 35 lineup cards he'll fill out as the Yankee manager.
Player of The Game: Matsui, simply for pissing Halladay off with his bomb.
Team Record: 67-60
Damon: I have no idea, I stopped watching closely in the 2nd inning. Let me know if he broke one later on.

A big thanks to reader Alex K. for his contributions to this post.
by Brian on Aug 21 2008
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