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Don't get me wrong, I'm just as psyched that the Yanks came out of the All Star break on a winning jag as you are. I'm just feeling a little glass-half-empty at this point. The Yanks were playing possibly the worst team I have ever laid eyes on offensively, a team who has now traded away its numbers one, two and three starters coming into the season. A team whose primary offensive weapon is Jack Cust. A team who, on any given day, starts a minimum of 5 guys I've never heard of, and I follow baseball pretty damn closely. Three wins, two of which were absolute nail biters is good, but hardly a sign that's going to leave me jumping for joy.

The Yanks still can't score to save their lives. They can't hit with men in scoring position. They can't string anything together. Watching their offense makes me long for the days of Jose Canseco and Glenallen Hill.

Enough negativity. Andy Pettitte shut down the hapless A's offense, the Giambino provided the deciding blow. And for the second consecutive day, Jose Molina ended the game in a curious fashion. Yesterday, he leaned into one with the bases loaded in the 12th. Today, he gunned down Rajai Davis trying to steal for the final out. Funny that Billy Beane's Moneyball A's were ultimately thwarted by a caught stealing, although you can't blame them for trying with that offense.

Robbie Cano continues his second-half inferno, going 2 for 4. In the bottom of the ninth, Bobby Abreu provided yet another reason to keep watching baseball with his 9-5-6 fielder's choice. I can cross that one off the list, first time I've seen that done.

In the battle for center field, Melky sucked less today. He was 0/2 with a walk. Gardner was of 0/3 with a couple of weak fly outs. Maybe Girardi needs to impost the Willie Mays Hayes corporal punishment regimen on Gardner, every fly ball equals 20 push-ups. Anyway, the time to make a decision is looming for the Yanks and at this point, the coin flip goes to Melky.

Player of The Game: Pettitte, 8 strong, even if it was against a AA lineup.
Team Record: 53-45, high-water
Damon: Wants to come off the DL, but hasn't.
by Brian on Jul 21 2008
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