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As usual, Brian Cashman is working overtime heading into next week's Winter Meetings in Las Vegas. Cashman jetted across the country, supposedly headed to L.A. for a sit down with Satan Scott Boras (George King got that one wrong). According to Tyler Kepner, however, Cashman was actually in Washington, getting some face time with both Mark Teixeira and Lucifer Boras.

The Yanks have interest in a bevy of Boras clients, including Teixeira, Manny, Derek Lowe and Oliver Perez. The rumors go on to state that Cashman will meet with with CC Sabathia before heading to Vegas some time on Sunday. The Yanks would probably love to get CC locked down before they show their faces in Vegas. Having the biggest piece of the offseason puzzle in place would take the stink of desperation off them and give them back a little bit of leverage when negotiating with other free agents and teams.

One more bit of Yankee Hot Stove. Buster Olney thinks the Yanks will start with Chad Billingsley or Clayton Kershaw and work their way down to Matt Kemp as the return for Robinson Cano in a deal with the Dodgers. I'm not sure they'd be able to land any of the three for him, but each seems like a good deal to me. Kershaw the Dodgers' left-handed version of Joba, Billingsley is coming off a very strong third season. His 201 Ks in 200.7 innings is very impressive. Kemp and Cano are very similar players, although Kemp seems to have developed some patience at the plate (46 walks in 2008, only 16 in 2007). Cano has yet to make progress in that area. Trading Cano would obviously put Orlando Hudson directly in the Yankees' crosshairs.

At some point, someone in the Yankees organization is going to realize they don't have a number 3 hitter on their roster. When they do, I'd love it if they could address the issue.

Huge hat tip to MLB Trade Rumors. If you aren't checking that site several times a day over the next week you must hate baseball.
by Brian on Dec 5 2008
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