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Over the past three games, facing three rookie starters, the Yankees have scored a grand total of four runs. I'll give you the Volquez start, the kid is leading the majors in ERA, but Josh Banks and Daryl Thompson?

The deciding runs scored on another defensive snafu today, but the game was really lost very early on. In the bottom of the second, the Yanks had the bases loaded with no one out, they got zero runs out of it. Jorge struck out, Cano popped out to the catcher and Melky struck out. Rally over. In the bottom of the third they had men on first and second, no one out and scored zero runs. Abreu popped out, A-Rod and Matsui both flew out.

They let a rookie pitcher off the ropes twice in the first three innings. This game should've been blown wide open, but it wasn't, and they lost. The offensive highlight of the game came on the very first at bat when Johnny Damon broke not one, but two bats in his first AB. He actually wound up walking, but the broken bats still count in our tally.

I owe an apology to Dan Giese. It's certainly ugly to see him working from the stretch for 5+ innings. His stuff is certainly mediocre, at best. But he battled out there and through no fault of his pitching, was saddled with the loss. I say no fault of his pitching, because his error is what broke the game wide open. Honestly, you can't win if your team doesn't score, so the kid man should rest easy tonight.

Andy Pettitte will match up with yet another rookie, Johnny Cueto, tomorrow afternoon as the Yanks try to salvage one game in the series.

Player of The Game: Giese
Team Record: 40-36 (3 losses in a row.)
Damon: Dos mas!