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mustacheride0606.JPGWow. I can honestly say I thought this game was over when Robinson Cano grounded into a double play in the bottom of the eighth inning. I was absolutely sure it was over when the Jays tacked on a run against Farnsworthless. When Jeter and Abreu started off the ninth with two loud outs I was getting ready to write the obit. That's what I get for doubting the Yanks, I guess.

Jason Giambi became a Yankee with an extra-inning walk-off grand slam in his first season in pinstripes, I'm not sure what he became today with his upper-deck bomb to win the game. I'm going with, "Coolest guy with a porno/state trouper mustache in the world." Giambi's blast knocked a guy over half-way up in the upper deck, the only longer home run I can remember at the stadium was hit by Barry Bonds a few years back.

I have plenty of negatives to take away from the game, but I don't feel like sullying this post or raining on my own parade right now. I'm going to enjoy this one for a while. Check back later for more analysis. What a game!

Player of The Game: Duh.
Team Record: 30-30
Damon: 1 mediocre piece of kindling.

by Brian on Jun 5 2008
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