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Still no deal for Johan, but the Yanks have, at least to the press, removed themselves from the equation. Brian Cashman intimated that they'd turn their attention to the bullpen, which seems like a prudent move. This is your unofficial aggregation of Yankee rumors from the Winter Meetings on Dec. 5.

Slow rumor day for the Yanks, a few last-minute updates below:
  • MLB.com (MLBTR) - The Yanks are probably going to make an offer to Ron Mahay, and they've opened up talks with the Viz's agent. Mahay is probably somewhere in the 3 years/$12M range, and the Viz wants Linebrink money, 4/$19M. I don't see anyway the Yanks give the Viz that kind of contract. Yes, he pulled it together last year, but he was just putrid for long stretches, especially at the beginning of the season. [Dec. 5, 11:00 p.m.]
  • Star Tribune (MLBTR) - Everyone and their mother is apparently still involved in the Johan Santana talks, at least according to La Velle E. Neal III. My gut says he doesn't get moved at this point. It's a shame the fake rumor wasn't true, that would've suited the Yanks just fine. [Dec. 5, 7:00 p.m.]
  • Peter Gammons (MLBTR) - He's putting his money on the Twins holding on to Santana at this point. Apparently, the Twins are now seeking out other teams, including possibly the Dodgers. [Dec. 5, 1:04 p.m.]
  • Joel Sherman - Damaso Marte's name comes up again when the price tag for Ron Mahay is exposed. These relievers are out of their minds. [Dec. 5, 11:00 a.m.]
  • Newsday (MLBTR) - How can you not love Hank? Here's his quote about Billy Beane's statement that it's going to take 2 of the big 3 (Joba, Hughes, Kennedy) to land Dan Haren:
    Steinbrenner called that price "ridiculous" and vowed: "It won't happen, not with us."
    Billy Beane and Andy MacPhail are sitting on their hands, waiting for the Johan Santana deal to get done. They theory being, once he sets the market, they'll be able to get more for their aces. What happens if Santana doesn't get dealt, though? Or worse yet, what happens if he goes for an absolute garbage package, like the one Boston is offering. Does that affect the asking price for the other pitchers on the market in an adverse way? Or does one less ace on the market automatically up the value of theirs, supply and demand style? Interesting question which is probably irrelevant to the Yanks at this point. I doubt Bedard will stay in the A.L. East, and the Hammer doesn't like Billy Beane's style. [Dec. 5, 1:50 a.m.]
by Brian on Dec 5 2007
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