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All the baseball execs. are getting ready to flee Tennessee as quickly as possible, but some solid rumor-mongering is still going on. Here's the latest on the Yanks:
  • Joel Sherman - The Yanks and Twins briefly discussed expanding the Johan Santana talks to a package including Joe Nathan. Before the meetings, I said the Yanks should use Cano as the foundation for a trade to get both Santana and Nathan. I wonder how far down the road they got with these talks, and if Hughes' name was involved. I wonder if a package of Cano, Kennedy, Horne and Tabata could've gotten this done. Sherman also has a blurb on Mark Melancon having a shot at making the Yankee pen coming out of Spring Training. Good news.  [Dec 6, 6:46 p.m.]
  • Peter Abraham - Is Matsui on the market? The Giants may be interested, and they've got the young starters to make a deal happen. Cain and Lincecum won't be involved in a deal for Matsui, but Noah Lowry maybe. Click his name for stats. Honestly, I'd rather hang on to Matsui than get Lowry for Hideki + prospect(s). His numbers are crap, especially when you take his ballpark and division into account. 1.551 WHIP and only 5.0 K/9? No thanks. [Dec. 6, 12:35 p.m.]
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (MLBTR) - The Yanks and Pirates were reportedly talking about Damaso Marte and possibly John Grabow, another lefty reliever, starting on Tuesday night. Marte I'd like, Grabow falls in the "thanks, but no thanks" category. Click on the names for links. [Dec. 6, 11:00 a.m.]
  • I haven't read anything concrete, but I think the signing of Andruw Jones makes the Dodgers the likeliest landing place for Santana. They can move one of their outfielders (possibly Kemp) in a deal. I'll put the Dodgers a distant second to the Twins in the "Who will Santana pitch for in 2008" office pool.
by Brian on Dec 6 2007
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