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celebrateyanks.jpgAs promised I've put together a few treats for the Yankee fan out there who's chomping at the bit for this series to get started. First, I created a spreadsheet with all the batter vs. pitcher match ups between the Indians and the Yanks. There are two worksheets, Yankee batters vs. Indians pitchers, and Indians Batters vs. Yankee pitchers. You can switch the worksheet at the bottom, they're labeled. If you don't have Excel, or aren't very good with it, you can also view the spreadsheet online here.

Within the spreadsheet, if you click on any player's name his scouting report from InsideEdge will open in your browser.

Here's a brief history of the 2007 Yankees/Indians games, culled from my archives (The Yanks won the season series 6-0):
I'll be back sometime tonight with a few words on the first day's games and an in depth look at game 1 against C.C. Sabathia tomorrow night.
by Brian on Oct 3 2007
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