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beervendor.jpgIn case you missed the news today, the Yanks and Cowboys have joined forces to create Legends Hospitality LLC. In a nutshell, the teams themselves will take over all vending and merchandising done at their respective new stadiums. The teams held a press conference earlier today to talk about the brave new world of hot dog slinging they hope to usher in with this new venture.

They promised shorter lines, fresher food, and a return to the American dream of a ballgame with your kids free of missing whole innings to get a beer. Much like other promises we've been hearing recently, what they don't tell you about is the cost. In essence, the Cowboys and Yankees have cut the middle man out of the concession and merchandising businesses at their stadiums. What this could mean is lower prices for us, the fans. Unfortunately, the teams themselves will be the ones reaping the benefits of this streamlining. There wasn't one word on the price gauging taking place at the stadiums.

They also failed to mention that the overall enjoyment of a game, from a food perspective, is going to be achieved by the design of the new stadiums. If you have any doubt, go to a game at any of the new parks across the country. The new parks have all been designed with the "fan experience" in mind. They've placed food stands at strategic locations, they've designed the stadiums to serve people more food quicker. It makes sense from a financial standpoint. So, yes, when you go to the new Yankee Stadium next year, or God forbid, that disgrace of a stadium in Texas, you'll be amazed by how easy it is to pay $10 for a beer, but don't be fooled. This new venture between the teams has little to do with the improvements, it's just a nice spin to put on another way for these teams to bilk their customers.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the Yanks and Cowboys, for that matter, look for new and innovative ways to make money. I'm especially happy that they put their gigantic profits back into their teams. It just irks me a little bit when it costs $500 to take a family of four to a baseball game and the respective owners are smiling for the cameras because they found another way to squeeze money out of us.

by Brian on Oct 20 2008
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