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According to Pete Abraham, Brian Cashman said on YES tonight the Yanks have indeed signed outfielder Jason Lane. No terms have been released, but I'd imagine the deal is for 1 year and three dollars. Lane's numbers have been absolute garbage for the past two years. When this rumor first broke it was believed the Yanks would give him a shot at first base, where he's never played before. If this is a minor-league contract, and an invite to training camp, it's no big deal. If it's a major league contract, they're going to have to make room for Lane on the 40-man roster, which could be a problem (I'm looking at you, Pavano).

In other outfielders-the-Yanks-don't-need news, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says the Yanks are a main player for Mike Cameron. (Hat tip to MLBTR) Hopefully, this move would only be made should Melky Cabrera wind up leaving in a trade. Double hopefully, it will never come to that.

UPDATE: Peter Abraham has it as a minor-league deal, so no big deal. If he comes in and flops they send him to Columbus or cut him. If he has a huge Spring, he's this year's Josh Phelps and they cut him after a month or two of futility.
by Brian on Jan 10 2008
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