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Well, as bad as the first game was, the second game was great. Sidney effing Ponson threw 6 shutout innings! Unbelievable.

The Yanks completely turned the tables on the Mets. Honestly, I don't care too much about these games, I'm just glad all the loser Mets fans I saw wearing their LoDuca jersey around the city in between games are crying in their beer right now.

Pedro can go back to calling the Yankees his Daddy after the drubbing he took.

Besides quieting down New York's lesser fan base, this game was important because Robinson Cano continued to crush the ball. I'll save the suspense, he's your player of the game. He knocked in two runs with a ground out and a sac fly early, then crushed a solo shot into deep right center later on.

I do have one bone to pick, however. It probably didn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things, but Girardi completely mishandled this doubleheader from a personnel standpoint. In the afternoon game, he gave Damon the game off (until he pinch hit late in the game), he had Jorge catch. Then in the night game, in the National League park, he sat Posada. This makes no sense. There was no reason to get Betemit's bat in the lineup in game 1. He should've DH'd Posada in game 1 and had him catch game 2. Or, if he really wanted Posada to completely rest in one of the games, he should've DH'd Damon. He sent an inferior lineup out there in both games when, with a little thought, he could've maximized the lineup in both games. Come on, Joey Jr. you're supposed to be better than that.

Anyway, Pettitte vs. Johan tomorrow at 3:55 on Fox. Effing Buck and Tim McCarver, I'm thrilled.

Player of The Game: Dontcha Know?
Team Record: 43-37
Damon: Uno, on a dying quail single that didn't leave the infield.

by Brian on Jun 27 2008