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Buster Olney is reporting a shocking deal. The Yanks have apparently traded Kyle Farnsworth for Ivan Rodriguez.

Wow. Farnsworth had settled in as the 8th inning guy for the Yanks, but look at it this way, he's still the same pitcher who struggled mightily for the past couple of seasons. The Yankee pen was absolutely a strength, and they dealt Farnsworth while his value was at its highest.

In Pudge they get a guy who can shut down the running game and will at least top Jose Molina's offensive production. Pudge is hitting .295 with a .338 OBP and slugging .417. I love the move. It will probably mean the end of Chad Moeller's days in a Yankee uniform, at least he got an AB today.

As for the Yankee pen, I'm going to assume Veras gets promoted to the 8th inning role, with Marte, Edwar and Robertson sharing the duties of getting the ball to Veras/Rivera.

I'd like to say Farnsworthless will be missed, but does a good half season make up for all the angst he caused us? I suppose all's well that ends well. Pudge will probably be a type A free agent as well, so that's two draft picks if he walks after the season.

23 hours to go until the non-waiver trade deadline, are the Yanks done?

Hat tip to MLBTR for the link.
by Brian on Jul 30 2008
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