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Talk about turning the tables. Mo Rivera entered a tie game in the top of the ninth today, coughed up the lead, and it looked like the sky was falling in the Bronx. In the bottom of the inning the Yanks squandered a leadoff walk when Christian fell down trying to steal second. All hope appeared to be lost until Robinson Cano stepped to the plate with two out. He laced a double to left center, Betemit scored him and the rest is history.

A superb start by Joba was wasted by the pen, but you really can't say anything bad about this bullpen at this stage. They've been unbelievable, and the blame really lies with the Yankee bats. No shock there. The good news is that Robinson Cano sure seems to be in second-half form. He was 4 for 6 and scorched the ball all day long. You have to love any game that ends with Jose Molina getting hit by a pitch.

In the battle for center field, Melky and Gardner were both 2/6 with an RBI. Gardner got picked off first, but managed to get to second on an interference call. In left field, he just looks absolutely lost. He let a single bounce over his head when he got too close to the ball, and turned what should've been a routine catch into a circus catch crashing into the wall. He did, however, pick up his first major league extra-base hit, though. A one hopper off the pitcher's glove that he legged into an RBI double.

The Yanks will face All Star Justin Duchscherer and his 1.82 ERA tomorrow. Andy Pettitte goes for the Yanks. A sweep would be a great way to open the nominal second half. Tampa is back on top of the division with the Sox struggling their way to a 1.5 game deficit. The Yanks are 5.5 out.

Player of The Game: Robbie Cano
Team Record: 52-47
Damon: DL, took BP today.
by Brian on Jul 20 2008
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