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Whereas last night's inexcusable loss didn't cost the Yanks anything in the standings, tonight's put another game between the Yanks and the division and Wild Card leaders. Pettitte was miserable, the Yankee bats couldn't solve a kid with a 7.00+ ERA and just when you thought a rally was getting started, someone would hit into a double play.

To be honest, the umpiring was pitiful tonight. It had nothing to do with the outcome of the game, but the strike zone was ridiculously tight. If anything, this should have been to the Yankees' advantage, and they did draw eight walks. Unfortunately, all those baserunners don't mean jack when you can't drive them in.

Tonight's offensive hero was another guy who has yet to catch the Yankee choke virus, Richie Sexson. His slam in the top of the eighth brought the Yanks to within 8-6, but it was barely enough to get my pulse going. At this point, I don't get excited until the Yanks have a lead. Tie game, they're going to lose. Trailing, no shot. I've sunk that low.

The only thing that truly brought a smile to my face tonight was Veras almost plunking Josh Hamilton. A-Rod was hit twice, it had to be done. I only wish he caught him in the ribs rather than just grazing his jersey, but the message was sent. Not that it really matters.

Player of The Game: Sexson
Team Record: 61-52
Damon: Nada

By the way, if the Yanks get swept here they're behind the Rangers in the Wild Card race and you can start getting ready for '09. Speaking of getting ready for '09, Joba is going to Dr. Andrews for a second opinion on the MRI he had done today.
by Brian on Aug 6 2008
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