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The good news is the Yanks and Angels played a day game today, meaning I didn't have to wait until after midnight to see the Bombers fold. And did they ever fold.

Up 2-0 early, it seemed like they might have enough juice to actually win this series, then Pettitte fell to pieces and couldn't get out of the fifth. Some shoddy defense by Nady added insult to injury and before you knew it, the Yanks were trailing 4-2. The Yankees responded in what has become typical Yankee fashion. Over the final four innings they mustered two walks and one single.

This wraps up their 10-game road trip. It sure doesn't seem like this was a .500 road trip, but it was. Unfortunately, the Red Sox were 7-3 over the same stretch and extended their lead by two games. Tomorrow is an off day and I've got a treat for all you despondent Yankee fans out there so check back in the A.M.

Player of The Game: Joba, 2 innings, 3 Ks
Team Record: 77-69
Damon: Don't know, I listened to the game at work.
by Brian on Sep 10 2008
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