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The Yanks should've won this game, but it really doesn't matter. Joe wasn't trying to catch the Sox, and the Sox weren't really worrying about being caught. Don't read too much into Mo's failure to close the game out. The only thing we really need to take away from that last inning is the fact that Sardinha should probably make the post-season roster (Abreu misplayed the ball Payton hit very, very badly).

Boston clinched their first A.L. East title in more than a decade tonight, and you have to give them some credit. It didn't look like they were going to be able to hold the Yanks off, but they won enough games down the stretch to make their hot start hold up. That being said, sometimes Terry Francona just makes you shake your head. Dice-K has thrown way too many pitches this season. His late-season swoon is a direct result of this. This was a big reason why the Sox went to a six-man rotation. The guy is tired. That's just a fact. So what does Francona do? He lets Dice-K throw 119 pitches over 8 innings. He'd already thrown 105 through 7, and the Sox had a three-run lead. It just boggles the mind.

Anyway, the big takeaway from the Yankee game is that Mike Mussina should not make a post-season start for this team. Obviously, Joe is going to put him on the roster, it'd be too much of a slap in the face not to, but in my mind, he's a middle inning reliever at best. (At worst, Joe will bring him into an extra inning game, and he'll give up a walk off, a la Jeff Weaver in the 2003 series.)

Edwar should not make the roster. I love the kid, and I think his change is probably the most devastating change I've ever seen, but he's just too inconsistent. He should spend the winter working on some kind of breaking ball, just so he can change the batter's eye level.

Two games to go, you can expect to see plenty of kids out there. I'd think A-Rod and Jeter each play one of the games, maybe tomorrow. Posada should probably be shut down. He's logged a ton of innings this year, and they need him fresh come game 1. You may see Joba for an inning on Sunday, same with Mo. Joe will probably want Mo to get this game out of his system before the games start to count again.

One last note: Giambi looks horrible at the plate. Watch his at bats, he's drifting toward the plate and basically tying himself up on every pitch. He can't open his hips, or use his lower body to generate any power. Basically, he's either jamming himself, swinging and missing, or pulling the ball foul. He's got two days to correct this, and even if he does, I don't want him anywhere near the starting lineup next week.

Player of The Game: A-Rod, 3 for 5, 2 runs, 4 RBIs, 1 HR

by Brian on Sep 28 2007
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