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They didn't exactly solve A.J. Burnett, he still threw a complete game and struck out 8, but they did find a way to scratch across 2 runs, and it turns out that's all they'd need.

The Carl Pavano push for a contract received a huge booth. Not only did he make his second consecutive injury-free start, but he pitched very well: 6 IP, 3 H, 1 BB, 1K, 1 ER, 72 pitches. He did get some luck, a handful of balls were scorched to the outfield, but caught. Still, Carl is 2-0 and looked strong and efficient. Someone will sign him when the season ends.

Girardi managed his pen like it was the 7th game of the World Series, which I guess it is to him. Mo came in with one out in the eighth, for the second consecutive day he worked more than an inning. Bruney, Marte, Veras and Edwar were also used. Kind of makes you wonder who's going to be available tomorrow when the Ras takes the hill.

The Sox (rojo) beat the Sox (blanco), Minnesota plays later in Oakland. Still 6 games behind, 29 to go.

Player of The Game: Abreu, drove in the first, scored the second.
Team Record: 72-62
Damon: Nada

by Brian on Aug 29 2008
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