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All of the Yankee excitement came in the form of one Hideki Matsui at bat in the top of the ninth. Matsui took a Troy Percival fastball into the seats right down the line and the second or two it took for that ball to leave the park and tie the game up was the only time I sat up and took notice during the game.

The Yanks had two opportunities to score a run without a hit, both times they had a man on third with one out, both times they failed to drive him in. Wang was excellent, 7 innings, 1 run. You can't ask for much more. The bullpen was outstanding as well, until the 11th. All told, it was a long night for a painful result.

How does Edwin Jackson absolutely dominate this lineup twice in the same season? Explain that and you win a prize.

The Wanger went back to relying on his sinker tonight, and it was right there for him. Here's the breakdown of action pitches throughout the game:
  • Ground Balls: 16
  • Fly Balls: 3
  • Line Drives: 5
  • K's: 2
  • Walks: 3
The Rays jumped over the Sox and took over first place in the East. The Yanks have now scored 2 runs in 20 innings so far this series.

One point about roster management, the Yanks are carrying three bench players, tonight they were Moeller, Duncan and Ensberg. The Yankees have two guys in their starting lineup who absolutely need to be pinch-run for late in the game when they represent the tying or go-ahead run, Giambi and Molina. There is no one to pinch run for either of them. It's time to bring Brett Gardner up and find some at bats for him. The Rays, on the other hand, used Gomes to pinch run and his stolen base won the game for the Rays.

Player of The Game: Wang. He deserved better.
Team Record: 19-21
Damon's Broken Bats: None, but Cano had a couple.

Also, did anyone else notice that Melky was wearing Jorge's helmet?
by Brian on May 13 2008
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