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The word is leaking from several media outlets, so we'll go ahead and throw our two cents in. Richie Sexson either has, or will sign with the Yanks shortly for the remainder of a minimum contact. The hope here is that Sexson can continue to mash lefties and provide the right portion of the left/right platoon at first base. Worth a shot, although I think a certain HGH poster boy would be a better fix, I can live with it.

In other news, Murray Chass has a post basically saying blogs are garbage...he posted it on his blog. Check out the first sentence or two on his blog. Murray Chass is a self-hating blogger. Oh, and if there are any other retired print guys who you'd like to see blog on his blog, send good 'ole Murray an e-mail and he'll ask them to guest blog on his blog. One thing though, if you do decide to comment on his blog, or e-mail him about his blog, please don't include any four-letter words...you know, like blog.

Welcome to the 21st Century, Murray.

Hat tip to Peter Abraham for the Chass link.
by Brian on Jul 17 2008
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