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With their tragic number down to 2, the Yanks made sure the final game played in Yankee Stadium wouldn't be meaningless with a 1-0 win in walk-off fashion.

Robbie Cano came through with the bases loaded single to give the Yanks their only run, Mo picked up the win and only bit of bad news was Derek Jeter having to leave early after being drilled by a pitch on his left hand. The Captain says he'll play in the finale Sunday night, let's hope he's right.

The pen was amazing, again. They've really stepped up to help the Yanks win 7 of 8, too bad it happened too late.

Player of The Game: Cano
Team Record:
Damon: None that I saw, but I had cable issues so missed some of the game.
by Brian on Sep 21 2008
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