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damaso1112.jpgAccording to Impacto Deportivo, the Yanks have signed Damaso Marte to a three-year, $12M deal. The link (and translation) comes via MLB Trade Rumors.

If true, it's a good move for the Yanks this season, but I disagree with the logic long-term. Less than a week ago, the Yanks declined their $6M option on Marte, instead opting to pay $250K to buy him out. While $6M may be a steep price to pay for a lefty specialist, it's a one-year gamble. Now they've committed $4M/year over the next three. It seems like a big risk to take to only save $1.75M this season. They could have excercised the option and been in the same situation next year, only they'd be protected if he regresses or gets injured this season.

I like Marte and I think he can absolutely help this team as a lefty specialist, if our esteemed manager can get through his thick skull that he's a lefty specialist and not a 2-inning guy.

If the report is true, I'm glad they got this done before Marte really hit the open market. There would have been plenty of suitors and I have a feeling they may have gotten a slight discount.
by Brian on Nov 12 2008
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