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It just doesn't seem right to have a Yankees/Sox series late in September with nothing at stake, but that's exactly what we're watching this weekend.

Tonight, in game one of the series, the Yanks waited out the bad weather, then beat the tar out of the Beantowners, 19-8. Aceves had a rough first inning, giving up 3 runs, but it didn't matter. Gardner had 6 RBI, Ransom hit two bombs. Jeter left the game and probably won't play again this season.

Not much else to talk about. Glad to see Girardi send the A lineup out there, we'll see if he follows suit tomorrow. Less than 36 hours until the Moose goes for #20.

Player of The Game:
Brett Gardner
Team Record: 88-72
Damon: Zilch

Here's a question for you to ponder, if the season ended tonight the ChiSox and the Mets would be out of the playoffs. If they both miss the playoffs, which team is the bigger choke artist?
by Brian on Sep 27 2008
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