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Your classic good news/bad news day. The bad first: Chien-Ming Wang was lost for an unknown period of time after injuring his foot running the bases in the top the sixth. The Wanger was cruising through the first five, and still picked up the win, but Wang will probably miss at least one start, and that's before the MRI.

Ken Singleton and Michael Kay spent way too much time talking about how unfair and dangerous it is for pitchers to be put into unfamiliar situations during interleague play. Come on, the guy is being asked to run 180 feet, any professional athlete should be able to pull that off without injuring himself. This was a freak thing and although I'm not a huge fan of interleague play (beyond the fact that the Yanks get to beat up on AAAA teams), this should not be an indictment against the practice.

Now, the good. 13 runs, 15 hits, 7 walks drawn, and most-importantly, they made the Astros pitchers throw 193 pitches. This is how the Yankee lineup is supposed to work.

Player of The Game: Posada, 2/2, 1 run, 3 RBI, 3 walks.
Team Record: 37-33
Damon: 2 more broken bats today, both on hits.