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In the matinee Mussina didn't have it. He went five giving up 5 earned and the Yanks rolled over and died. Jeter picked up three hits and Abreu broke up the shutout with a bomb in the 9th. It was an entirely forgettable game.

The nightcap was a little better. Ponson couldn't get out of the 4th, which seems to be typical, but the Yanks actually showed some spunk. They came back from a 4-1 deficit to take a 6-4 lead into the 9th. Mo gave up one run, but nailed the game down for his 34th save.

A-Rod missed the day game with a stiff neck, but returned for the second. Damon sat for the second, yielding way to Brett Gardner who continued his pathetic attempt at a major league swing. He was 0-4, but did score two runs, knock in a run and steal a bag. He's really a very productive .171 hitter.

Mussina won't be winning 20 games, that's the downer of the day. It does, however, look like Jeter will have no problem passing Lou Gehrig for most hits in Yankee Stadium history. He was 9 behing the Iron Horse coming into today, and he picked up 6 hits (all singles).

Player of The Game(s): Derek Jeter
Team Record: 78-70
Damon: Broke one in the first game. 57 on the season. No art tonight, too tired.
by Brian on Sep 13 2008
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