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Pettitte came up big in what was honestly a pitching mismatch. This game should've gone the Yankees' way, and it did. There's nothing to celebrate. Tomorrow's game will be the true test.

Sid the Kid will take the hill against Roy Halladay. Halladay owns the Yankees, absolutely owns them. Every time he takes the hill against us, I'm expecting a shutout, and he usually delivers at least a complete game. If the Yankees have a run in them, if they have any shot at making the playoffs, they absolutely must find a way to win tomorrow.

It's not that they need that particular game any more than they needed tonight's, or Tuesday's for that matter. It's that they're going to have to find a way to win games they should lose if they're going to make up any ground on the Bostonians and the Twins/ChiSox. The Sox lost tonight, and they're really playing bad baseball at this point. The Twins and ChiSox won. The Yanks finish the night 5.5 behind Boston (5 in the loss column), 5 behind the Twins (5 in the loss column).

Player of The Game: Jeter. Huge game for El Capitan. His two-out, two-run bomb in the second was the death blow.
Team Record: 67-59
Damon: Nada

By the by, Girardi went with the exact same lineup two days in a row, not including the catcher. Tomorrow will be the true test. I could very easily see him plugging Gardner in to give either Damon or Matsui a day off on the turf. Giambi could sit as well.
by Brian on Aug 20 2008
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