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It's a weekday afternoon affair in the Bronx with Joba facing off against Sarfate in his first major league start.

I'm home sick, watching on TV, so I'm counting on you guys to keep me updated with the Sterling-isms as they happen. I'm thinking about taking a teaspoon of Dayquil every time he says, "That's baseball."

Here's the Yanks lineup, I'll keep up with the scoring after the jump. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments.

  1. Damon (LF)
  2. Jeter (SS)
  3. Abreu (DH)
  4. A-Rod (3B)
  5. Giami (1B)
  6. Cano (2B)
  7. Nady (RF)
  8. Melky (CF)
  9. Molina (C)
It looks like Joe is going to use the DH to get the older guys some rest during this grueling stretch with no off days. Good thinking. First pitch is in a half hour, back then.

Top first - Cano boots a grounder, tough play, but an error. Adam Jones Ks on a nasty slider. Markakis ground out to first, nice play by Giambo. Huff bloops a single to left. Roberts scores. 1-0 Os Mora tries to bunt for a single, Joba makes a nice play to get him.

Bottom first - Damon Ks on a eye-high fastball. Jeter walks. Abreu walks on four pitches. First and second for Alexander. A-Rod singles to right-center. Jeter scores, the throw gets away from the catcher, Abreu scores, A-Rod moves to third. 2-1, Yanks. Man on third, one out for Giambi. Giambi Ks on a high heater. A-Rod scores on a passed ball. 3-1, Yanks. Cano grounds out to second.

Top second - Scott pops out to third. Millar Ks on a 3-2 slider. Quiroz grounds out to short.

Bottom second - Nady pops out to second. Melky pops out to short. Molina whiffs on three pitches. At least they cleared the Molina.

Top third - Fahey singles. Roberts singles off Cano's glove. Jones Ks on a slider in the dirt. Markakis bloops a single over Cano's head, scoring Fahey. 3-2, Yanks. Huff flies out to deep left. Mora grounds out to second to end the inning.

Bottom third - Damon walks to lead off the inning. Lead-off walks score 60% of the time. Jeter Ks. Abreu hits one off the screen down the line in right for a two-run bomb. 5-2, Yanks. A-Rod flies out to left, just missed it. Giambo pops out to second.

Top fourth - Scott Ks on a nasty hook. Millar flies out to shallow left. Quiroz lines out to short.

Bottom fourth - Cano flies out to deep left. Nady Ks. Melky grounds out to short.

Top fifth - Fahey Ks swinging. Roberts Ks looking. Jones grounds out to short.

Bottom fifth - Molina grounds out to short. Damon grounds out to first. Jeter Ks swinging.

I'm hurting here, updates will be few and far between for the rest of the game. Hopefully, the Yanks can make this lead hold up.

This one got ugly quick. It's 13-2 now, in the bottom of the 7th.

by Brian on Jul 30 2008
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