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Derek Jeter tied Lou Gehrig for most hits in Yankee Stadium history with another monster effort at the dish. He tied the Iron Horse on an opposite-field bomb off David Price, the best prospect in baseball, after fouling off several pitches. It was a great moment for those at the stadium, I suppose, but honestly, I don't care.

Watching this team play out the string is painful for me. It's like going to the dentist, you know you have to do it, but it hurts. The fact that a stupid, arbitrary record like this one is such a huge story really underscores just how disappointing this season has been. I've never been big on longevity records, which is what this one amounts to. Jeter's been a great player since breaking into the league, and if not for a stupid stipulation in the rule book he would've bested Gehrig's number by several hundred. It's pointless. Oh yeah, the Yanks won.

There were three more-interesting story lines from today's game than Jeter.

  1. Pavano left with an injury, and he won't go on the disabled list. I'm betting this would've been a 60-day DL trip if he wasn't pitching for a contract elsewhere.
  2. Robinson Cano was pulled from a game for lacadasical play on defense. This would be a positive sign if it didn't take 100 lacadasical plays to get a reaction from Joe Girardi. To do it now means next to nothing.
  3. Johnny Damon broke three bats.
A-Rod's first-inning grand slam was as clutch of a hit as you can have in the first inning of a game on September 14th when your team has absolutely no shot at making the playoffs. Great job, Alex. At least you're helping my fantasy team.

Brett Gardner got another start in center field and made two nice diving catches out there. Almost makes you forget the fact that he was 0-3 and is making Timo Perez look like Willie Mays with his work at the plate.

Humberto Sanchez was called up today, I have no idea if he'll even throw a pitch in anger. It looks like Phil Hughes will start on Wednesday, which is a smart move. I see no reason why Pavano nor Ponson should make another start. Neither will be a part of the team next year, the Yanks aren't playing for anything, let the kids who actually could contribute to this franchise in the coming years get some innings in.

The Yanks start a four-game set with the White Sox tomorrow and I sincerely hope they sweep. If you're going down, at least take someone down with you. That's my motto. The ChiSox have a slim 1.5 game lead on the Twinkies, pending their game tonight.

Player of The Game: A-Rod
Team Record: 79-70
Damon: 3 mas, 60 on the season. No art.
by Brian on Sep 14 2008
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