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On a day when rumors were swirling about Joe Torre’s job being on the line, Jeff Karstens lasted 0.0 innings and gave up two hits. Coming in, this was probably the worst-case scenario. Torre and the Yanks couldn't afford another blow out and they couldn’t ask their beleaguered pen to pitch all nine.

Joe had no choice but to turn to Kei Igawa, who was apparently sitting in the bull pen catching some rays, judging by the sunglasses he wore out to the mound. Igawa had been passed over for the start today, and maybe he had a chip on his shoulder about it. Kei was dominant in his 6 innings of work, yielding no runs on only two hits, and striking out 6. The only alarming stat was the 4 walks he surrendered, but I can live with that if he isn’t giving up hits to compound the problem.

Bruney, quickly becoming Joe’s favorite middle-/late-inning guy, came in and got Igawa out of a jam in the 7th. Farnsworth only gave up 1 run in the 8th (this qualifies as a successful outing for four-eyes), and Mo came in for the 9th to finally nail down his first save. 3–1 Yanks.

The offense for the Yanks came in the form of a two-run blast by Posada, and a bloop RBI double by the Melk Man.

I missed the game live due to a cable problem, but I was able to catch the archived video on MLB.com. Lucky me. Here’s what I learned from the Joe Buck/Tim McCarver dynamic duo during the game:

  1. Joe Buck’s dad was an announcer. Wow, really? I’ve never heard him bring that up before.
  2. Not only was Joe Buck’s dad a kick-ass super-famous announcer, but he was also a close personal friend of umpire Bruce Froemming.
  3. Tim McCarver caught Bob Gibson. This tidbit was dropped about 20 times, as usual.
  4. McCarver thinks baseball should “Adopt yoga, or something like that.”
  5. The Yankees suck. This was a recurring theme, and has been as long as these two jokers have being doing games.
  6. The Sox own Rivera. If you don’t believe us, watch the following clip of Rivera blowing a save last week over and over and over again.

Anyway, all is well in Yankee land, for the moment at least.

Player of the Game: Kei Igawa. He may have saved Joe’s job with this one.

If you love McCarver as much as I do, check out this site.

by Brian on Apr 29 2007